Restructuring of the site had been completed. Paternal allied families can be found under Paternal Surnames. Maternal allied families can be found under Maternal Surnames. Robert Lawrence Descendants have been combined with the Lawrences of Ashton Hall,

Genealogy of a southern Lawrence family 
and other related families primarily in 

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     Important Note: As of 11 June 2017, paternal families and maternal families have been combined under Paternal Surnames and Maternal Surnames respectively. Robert Lawrence Descendants have been combined with the Lawrences of Ashton Hall. Any bookmarks to specific pages on the individual family sites may no longer be valid. Bookmarks made after sites are combined will remain valid for the foreseeable future.

     Recent changes to family sites are reflected in Table of Recent Site Changes. Last change was made 15 November 2017, was an update to descendants of Lawrences of Ashton Hall.

     The primary focus of this site is the ancestry and descendants of Robert Lawrence immigrant to Isle of Wight County, Virginia circa 1638, who was the son of Sir John Lawrence, Baronet, of London. Sir John Lawrence descends from the Lawrences of Ashton Hall in Lancashire, England, who in turn are descendants of the de Lancasters, Barons of Kendall. The research presented here disputes the earlier claim that the Lawrences of Ashton Hall descended from a Robert Lawrence who accompanied Richard the Lion-Hearted on his Crusade to the Holy Land. This is further discussed under Lawrences of Ashton Hall. Descendants of Robert Lawrence are also provided under the Lawrences of Ashton Hall.

     My own ancestry is described under Researcher's Ancestry. Both my paternal and maternal ancestry can be traced back to Charlemagne and others in medieval and ancient history. The farther back in time that one goes the scarcer and less reliable is the information to be found on our ancestors. Millions of American families, however, can trace their ancestry back to the prominent and royal families of England and from there to other rulers of Europe, to Alfred the Great of England, to Charlemagne, and to ancient times. There has been considerable research on published on these lines over the centuries and in the present. Several publications are available that present the descendants of Charlemagne. Among publications that contain information on royal and medieval families are Royalty for Commoners by Stuart, Blood Royal by Leese, The Mammoth Book of British Kings and Queens by Ashley, The Magna Carta Sureties by Weis, Planagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists by Faris, and Royal Families of Medieval Scandinavia, Flanders, and Kiev by Alen and Dahlquist. Many other sources of royal and medieval genealogies exist. While occasional questions arise about some of the lines presented, most of the lines are accepted as being accurate. As you get farther back into ancient times, prior to Medieval times, the information becomes less reliable. Much of it is based on the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles and on the Norse Sagas. Where facts ends and myth begins in some of these is debatable. I have made no attempt to verify all of this information but have compiled the work presented by other researchers in the field and present it to give you a feel for the history of our ancestors.

     While the prime focus of my research has been on my ancestry and on the Lawrence family I have necessarily collected information on many allied family lines. Since all of these family lines converge on my family there will be some duplication in the content of these lines. The primary surnames being researched and for which ancestral and descendant information exist are listed in the menu in the side bar or at bottom of this page if viewing on a mobile device. Click on the family name for their genealogy.

About this site

The genelogical data on this site is managed by The Master Genealogist. All pages on the site were compiled using Second Site by John Cardinal. To see other sites generated from data managed by The Master Genealogist using Second Site click here.

  • So many relatives, so little time
  • So many branches, so few roots
  • I'd rather look for dead people than have them look for me
  • Life is lived forward, but understood backwards
  • I used to have a life then I started doing genealogy
  • Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Now where did my ancestors go
  • I collect dead relatives and sometimes a live cousin
  • Gene Police! You, out of the pool
  • Genealogist caught trying to chop down family tree
  • Genealogists never die, they just haunt cemeteries
  • Friends come and go, but relatives tend to accumulate
  • Genealogists...People helping people...that's what it's all about
  • Genealogists don't die, they just loose their census
  • Genealogists live in the past lane
  • Reminder!! Undocumented genealogy is mythology
  • Whoever said seek and ye shall find was not a genealogist
  • A family tree can wither if no one tends its roots
  • Someday you'll be an ancestor too
  • Trees without roots fall over


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