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     Most researchers have indicated that this Henry Lawrence who married Elizabeth Standley was the son of Michael Lawrence, grandson of Robert Lawrence the immigrant to Isle of Wight, Virginia, and descendant of the Ashton Hall Lawrences. This would appear to be based on the will of Elizabeth (Edey) Lawrence the mother of Michael who mentions a grandson Henry, son of her son Michael. In her will Elizabeth indicates that Henry son of Michael was already justly indebted to her and her estate and forgave him of those debts but discharges him from any further title to the estate. The will was written 27 September 1739. This Henry Lawrence was born about 1725 which would make him about age 14 at the time the will was written and it would be unlikely that he would have been justly indebted to his mother and her estate at that young age unless the 1725 birth date of Henry is off by several years. Thus it would appear that the Henry son of Michael would have been an older Henry Lawrence than the one that married Elizabeth Standley.

     Additionly, Robert Garrett a descendant of this Henry Lawrence had a DNA test which indicated, when matched with know descendants of Robert Lawrence the immigrant, that although there might be a distant relationship to that branch of the Lawrences any common ancestor would have to be centuries earlier that Robert Lawrence. Robert's web page on the descendants of this Henry Lawrence can be found at here.

     Since I have collected information on descendants of this Henry Lawrence both through my own research and that of other researchers who have shared their information with me I am including what information I have this branch with my miscellaneous Lawrence branches that have no proven connection to the Ashton Hall Lawrences as an aid to others who may be researching this branch.

     See Charts for descendants of Henry Lawrence.

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